Register an Android for Tap to Pay on Android with Pebl

Ready to elevate your payment experience? Let's get your Android registered for Tap to Pay on Android transactions through Pebl. Here’s a quick and straightforward guide to get you started:

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Before you proceed, make sure you have the latest version of the Pebl app. Update it through your Google Play Store if needed. 

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Check Android Compatibility:

Verify that your Android device is running on Android 10 or later. Ensure your device has NFC.

2. Update Your Pebl App:

Open your Google Play Store and make sure your Pebl app is updated to the most recent version. Keeping up with the times, aren't we?

3. Log into Pebl:

Launch the Pebl app and log in using your mobile number. 

4. Find the Banner:

Locate the "Activate Tap to Pay on Android" banner at the top of your Activity screen.

Banner Not Appearing?: If you can't find the banner even after updating your app and ensuring compatibility, reach out to support via in-app chat or use the chatbot at the bottom right of this page.

5. Follow the Prompts:

Click the banner and follow the on-screen prompts. Make sure to enable Location Services and Bluetooth for a seamless experience. It's almost like setting up a date with destiny!

6. Read the Instructions:

Take a moment to read through the Tap to Pay on Android instructions while your Android gets registered. Consider it your playbook for payment mastery.

7. Complete a Demo Transaction:

Test out Tap to Pay on Android with a demo transaction. Don't worry; this is a "pretend" transaction and won't charge you anything. Think of it as a rehearsal before the grand opening.

8. You're Good to Go:

Congratulations! Your Android is now ready to accept Tap to Pay on Android transactions via Pebl. Click “Back to home” and cue the confetti!

If you encounter any issues, don't hesitate to reach out to Pebl support through in-app chat, on the website, or at Now go forth and revolutionise your payment methods!

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