Create A New Transaction With Pebl

A quick-start guide to creating a new transaction and getting paid using Pebl.

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To create a transaction follow these steps: - 

  1. Press the blue ‘+’ button
  2. Enter sales amount, or select “Product based” to select a product.
  3. Add a description if necessary
  4. Select “Generate QR Code" to go to the transaction page.
  5. Select "Payment Review"- at this stage you can edit the transaction, choose what payment types you wish to accept or enable surcharging and on-charge your transaction fee to the customer. You can then click "Generate payment" to go to the transaction page.

Present the QR code for the customer to scan and complete payment.

You can also share the transaction as a link via text, email, messenger etc by selecting "Share payment link" and selecting the preferred option. The customer will complete the transaction on their phone.

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