Add, Edit or Delete Team Member

Easily add as many team members as you need to your account and mobilize them to accept payments for your business using their own device, whether its a phone, tablet or desktop.

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To add a team member: - 
  1. Go to settings
  2. Select ‘ Company details’
  3. Select 'Team members'
  4. Select ‘Invite new member’
  5. Enter their name and mobile number
  6. Select their user role
  7. Select ‘ Send invitation’

The new team member will now receive a text message with a link taking them to the Pebl app - or their phone’s app store if they’re yet to download Pebl.

After verifying their mobile number, they’ll be logged into their Pebl app under your business’s account.

To edit or delete a team member:  -
  1. Select the ‘three dots’ icon to the right of the team member’s name
  2. Choose to edit or delete the user.
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